V:TES New promo card: Jacques Rouge, Nosferatu Baron of Versailles

Black Chantry Productions has produced a special promo card for the European Championship in Paris. Jacques Rouge will be awarded to all tournament participants. The card, with fantastic artwork by Carmen Cornet, will also be included in a later Vampire: The Eternal Struggle product.

Walking Dead comic series is near to End

It is rumored that this could be the last number in the comic series. Stay tuned until Wednesday the issue comes out! #zombies #comics #twd

Super7 brings for the heavy metal fans of Motörhead band, Warpig Reaction figure

New Wonder Woman 84 poster

Warner Bros. Shares ‘Looney Tunes Cartoons’ Photo

WB is bringing back one of its most famous franchises in Looney Tunes.

The first photo gives us an idea of what the new animated shorts are aiming to capture, showing Elmer Fudd attempting to cleave Bugs Bunny, though thankfully Bugs is one step ahead. The image has a rather vintage feel, and that isn’t just regarding the visual style. It also pertains to the process of creating the new shorts, which went back to the original process of animation first and writing second.

Amazing Vampirella cover for dynamite comics by Artgerm

You know his name. Watch the new John Wick 3 Imax poster