ALICE IN CHAINS release “All Secrets Known” a new limited bourbon

All Secrets Known, a new, limited-release bourbon distilled by Few Spirits master distiller Paul Hletko in collaboration with Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum-selling Seattle grunge pioneers ALICE IN CHAINS. Bottles feature a custom-designed label by artist Justin Helton.

All Secrets Known (SRP: $75/750 ml), a nod to the name of the opening track of ALICE IN CHAINS‘ 2009 gold-certified release “Black Gives Way To Blue”, is Few bourbon finished for six months in tequila barrels and bottled at the most rock and roll of proofs, 101 (50.5% ABV). Bold, sweet, and spicy bourbon top notes that have become the hallmark of Few and led to multiple category awards, are accentuated by grassy agave undertones.

The new All Secrets Known bourbon whiskey, according to those behind it, takes FEW Spirits’ regular bourbon offering and finishes it for six months in ex-tequila barrels before bottling it at 1o1 proof (50.5% ABV). The idea in creating such an expression as a tie in to Alice in Chains is that “there no two spirits that have a closer association with rock and roll than whiskey and tequila.” The bourbon is said to be “a nod to the name of the opening track of Alice In Chains’ 2009 certified Gold release Black Gives Way To Blue.”

Johnnie Walker To Release Game Of Thrones Whisky: Fire And Ice Blends

Whiskies A Song of Ice and A Song of Fire follow up on Johnnie Walker’s original GoT bottle from last October, the Winter Walker. These will be released in August in the U.S., with the rest of the world getting the whiskies in October.

● Johnnie Walker A Song of Ice: ingle malts from Clynelish, one of Scotland’s most northern distilleries, and exudes a crisp, clean taste like the unforgiving force of ice that shapes mountains and stops rivers. The new blend has an ABV of 40.2% and the bottle design evokes an icy setting with frosted blue and gray colors inspired by the North, known for its cold winters and frozen landscapes.

The label for Johnnie Walker A Song of Ice describes it as “a blended Scotch whisky inspired by wild dwellers of the North. Malt from Clynelish, one of Scotland’s most northern distilleries, give the blend a crisp, clean taste. The blend’s delicate flavor is green and grassy, with notes of vanila and tropical fruit”. A Song of Ice is bottled at 40.2% ABV and is recommended to be served over ice “for a cold, smooth finish”.

● Johnnie Walker A Song of Fire: Rich and spicy, boasting flavors of subtle smoke from the peated malts of the Caol Ila distillery with an ABV of 40.8%. Inspired by the dragons of House Targaryen, feared for their fire breathing, the bottle design evokes a fiery setting with deep-red colors.

The label for Johnnie Walker A Song of Fire describes it as “a blended Scotch whisky inspired by beasts of the sky. Peated malt from Caol Ila lends subtle smoke, tempered by a rich, rounded sweetnes. A full-bodied flavor delivers subtle red fruit, a hint of spice and a sweet smoke”. A Song of Fire is bottled at 40.8% ABV and is recommended to be served neat “for a warm, smooth finish”.

Slipknot Announce Signature No. 9 Iowa Whiskey

SLIPKNOT have unveiled details of their very own craft spirit, No. 9 Iowa Whiskey, which will be available August 10th at select retailers in all 50 states and at the band’s headline Knotfest Roadshow North America tour.  No. 9 Iowa Whiskey can also be obtained at select markets on the North American tour ahead of the August 10th official launch.   A collaboration with the Iowa-based Cedar Ridge Distillery, No. 9 Iowa Whiskey (90 proof)will retail for $39.99 and No. 9 Reserve Iowa Whiskey (99 proof) will retail for $69.99, both which aremade with corn from the award-winning distillery’s family farm in Winthrop, Iowa.

Fred Minnick Tasting Notes

No. 9, 90 proof, $39.99

About: A blend of straight rye and straight bourbon mashed, fermented, distilled and aged at the Cedar Ridge Distillery. The blend is 60% bourbon (three to four years old; mashbill: 74% corn,14% malted rye, 12% malted barley) and 40% rye (three to four years old; mashbill: 51% rye, 34% malted barley, 15% corn and malted barley.)

It begins quite floral, with hints of honeysuckle and Lilly. Then, corn and caramel hit. On the palate, cornbread, jalapeño, apple butter and a hint of charred marshmallow. A lovely medium finish offers a hint of chocolate. This is very much a worthy everyday pour.

Score: 85 points

No. 9 Reserve, 99 proof, $69.99

About: Same mashbills and blending percentages as above. But minimum age on barrels is 4 years old. 

Think cinnamon, clove, butter and oak. As it hits the palate, it coats it with this goodness, buttery almost, dripping down the side of the cheeks and warms all throughout. There’s a comfort here, cornbread-like, with notes of fried apple pie, apricot and macaroon. It finishes medium to long with a hint of banana’s foster. 

Score: 89

Game of Thrones Just Released 8 Scotch Whiskies

HBO has teamed up with some of the world’s leading scotch brands to bring you the GameOfThronesWhisky Collection!

Explore the noble houses of Westeros with these limited edition single malt whiskies. The Game of Thrones single malt whisky collection serves as must-have for Game of Thrones and whisky adorers alike.

• Game of Thrones House Targaryen – Cardhu Gold Reserve
• Game of Thrones House Stark – Dalwhinnie Winter’s Frost
• Game of Thrones House Lannister – Lagavulin 9YO
• Game of Thrones House Greyjoy – Talisker Select Reserve
• Game of Thrones House Tyrell – Clynelish Reserve
• Game of Thrones House Baratheon – Royal Lochnagar 12YO
• Game of Thrones House Tully – The Singleton of Glendullan Select
• Game of Thrones The Night’s Watch – Oban Bay Reserve

Taking into consideration the retail price of the existing Cardhu, Dalwhinnie, and Royal Lochnagar whiskies, along with the young age statements and lack of age statements across the entire line-up, we predict all whiskies in the collection will land on retail shelves in the $35-$75 range.