Coca-Cola’s limited edition Star Wars bottle has OLED lightsabers

Coca-cola singapore has used OLED displays to create limited-edition star wars bottles with glowing lightsabers that glow when touched. the packaging coincides with the upcoming movie star wars: the rise of skywalker that comes out on december 20th.

berlin-based startup OLED company inuru created the labels, which glow when touched and feature a built-in printed battery with enough power to light up about 500 times. the company claims the diodes are ‘eco-friendly’ because they’re manufactured without the use of rare-earth metals.

coca-cola has made 8,000 of the bottles devising a hunt for fans who will need to solve a riddle revealed on instagram and facebook. fans then need track down the secret locations of ‘gatekeepers; near 7-eleven stores around singapore, obtain a special pass and then redeem that pass to buy a bottle. ‘galactic hunt’ promotion the company is running between december 6th to 22nd in the city-state.

The ‘magic’ behind the glowing lightsabers on Coca-Cola’s latest soda bottle involves OLEDs and technology from Inuru. Bottles featuring Rey include a blue lightsaber; bottles featuring Kylo Ren feature a red lightsaber. The lightsabers illuminate when the bottle is touched.

The technology exists within the special label, according to Inuru, which says that consumers won’t be able to tell the difference between an ordinary bottle label and this special glowing version. The company stresses that it used sustainable technology, including electronics on paper, to create the special effect labels.

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The Sith have a new symbol in Star Wars canon

The Star Wars official canon is giving the symbol for the evil order of The Sith a major makeover. It is now confirmed that this new official symbol for The Sith will make its debut in the upcoming movie Star Wars: The Rise ofSkywalker.

The Sith have a new symbol in Star Wars canon, which seems to replace the one previously used in Legends. While Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine were the two Sith Lords in the original Star Wars trilogy, it wasn’t until the prequels released that Lucasfilm dove deep into the history of the Sith in canon. Up until then, practically everything Star Wars fans knew about the Sith came from the Expanded Universe (later Legends). But that’s slowly starting to change.

That trifecta represents the Source of the Force and its light and dark sides (respectively), which is arguably the meaning behind this new Sith symbol. That struggle between light and dark would also be a theme that speaks back to Ben Solo / Kylo Ren, and his rivalry with Rey, which many fans have begun to assume will be the live-action franchise’s way of referencing “The Son” and “The Daughter.” 

Truth be told, most Star Wars viewers are probably best acquainted with the symbol of the SITH Empire, with its hexagon outer shell, with six arrows in the inner circle, pointing to the six corners of the hexagon frame. However, the Sith have had some of the most varied symbols in the franchise, depending which era of the evil religion we’re talking about. 

It also doesn’t help that the Sith insignia is so often conflated with those of the Galactic Empire (and now The First Order), as Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine’s status as Sith Lords was virtually non-existent in the Star Wars Original Trilogy. No doubt this new symbol is a much more distinct and memorable re-invention of the Sith insignia – one that works in perfect coordination with the angelic wing look of the Jedi symbol, which similarly invokes the three-pronged symbolism if The Father, Son, and Daughter. However, whereas the Jedi symbol reaches upward toward the sky/heavens/source of the Force, the Sith symbol instead seems to take the source of its power (the diamond-shaped head) and channels it downward, which fans can interpret in any number of socio-religious ways.

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