Banksy has confirmed he is behind an artwork that has appeared on a garage in the south Wales

Banksy appeared to confirm the work was his on Wednesday by uploading an image of it on to his website. A video was also posted on the artist’s Instagram accountshowing the mural accompanied by the children’s Christmas song Little Snowflake. The camera rises above the garage and shows Port Talbot’s rooftops and industrial works wreathed in smoke.

CALLIGRAPHY ON GIRLS: Session #12 “To the Stars” by Pokras Lampas



Michelangelo, one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles visit The Met.

DUZAsIMW4AAzo3oDUZAsIMW0AANrwQDUZAsIQXcAEcjKkMichelangelo, one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the most popular character of the 4 brothers, visited New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art on Thursday.

The art behind the new Ghost in the Shell movie


GHOST IN THE SHELL – REEL from Ash Thorp on Vimeo.

Artist and designer Ash Thorp released a sizzle reel detailing some of his own work on Ghost in the Shell, providing some insight into how key visual aspects of the film were developed.

The sequences and images in the reel represent a compilation of work created for the Ghost in the Shell live action film, which includes everything from animation tests to final assets implemented in the film.


How McDonalds Would Look If Nazis Opened It In Hell


Jake and Dinos Chapman: Birth, Death, Sex, Horror And McDonald’s

Black Tales From The Dark Mirror by the artist Butcher Billy

Butcher Billy is a Brazilian illustrator,famous for creating pieces of art in the pop style but very acid, in this time he creates a serie of illustrations about The Black Mirror and made it covers of those classic-style comic books that cost 60-cents apiece. The work is great because it transports us to the time of twilight zone or the classic Tales from the crypt´s comics.

Star Wars – The Style Awakens



STAR WARS – The Style Awakens from MOLOTOW™ on Vimeo.

A long time ago, in movie theaters around the world, a pop culture phenomenon was born. Nearly 40 years after “Star Wars” first hit screens, excitement for next week’s release of the latest installment in the blockbuster space saga is reaching fever pitch. Before Han Solo, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker continue the epic created by George Lucas, here we go with a brandnew STAR WARS themed Graffiti Mural painted by SLIDER, BANE, GORE and SOTEN. Watch the video shot and edited by BLAQ Photography plus photos at #molotow #molotowpremium #molotowpaint @sliderbandits @soten_oner @banestyles @gorestyles


STAR WARS Theme Wall painted by SLIDER, BANE, GORE & SOTEN