Niantic has revealed Hexathlon global event for Ingress AR game

The NIA Field Test event is a new type of competitive individual global event debuting on Saturday, September 14 in 45 cities around the world including Santa Clara (USA), Curitiba (Brazil), La Paz (Bolivia), Taipei (Taiwan), Akita City (Japan), Gwangyang-si (Korea), Ipswich (UK), Stuttgart (Germany) and Lorient (France). The community-driven event will have Ingress Agents completing a series of unique actions and tasks across each city to compete for special in-game medals awaiting at the top of the leaderboards.

The exact rules of this first event, codenamed Hexathlon, are being released today before the NIA Field Test starts on September 14 so Agents will need to be quick on their feet in this race to the top.

At each of the Field Test events, Agents will have 30 minutes to hack the check-in portal to receive their instructions. They will then have 90 minutes to compete in six individual challenges. Those who complete all six challenges will receive the in-app Hexathlon medal and the top 10% of players who complete the most tasks in their city for any challenge will receive the elite version of the in-app medal.

What to expect with Field Test Hexathlon 

As stated in the event description, Hexathlon will have a total of 6 challenges for agents to complete individually. Agents will be required to hack the check-in portal within 30 mins of its activation to receive their instructions and will have 90 mins to complete their challenges. These are individual challenges, not faction-based, implying that agents will not need to build teams to finish these tasks and there will be No Faction POCs for the events. Another hint was given yesterday during the Jarvis live-stream that there may possibly be artifacts dropped during these events, though it’s unclear how they will be presented to agents.