KIYOMI KOBAYASHI a cyberpunk short film

The intro is mainly about the story of Kyoto geisha Kobayashi Kiyomi in Tokyo, Japan in 2192. Kobayashi was imprisoned and frozen during the shogunate’s foreign war in 1872 to prepare for future development as a special weapon. Three hundred years later, the plan began to secretly begin, Kobayashi was also resurrected, the flesh was transformed, and all evil things happened one after another…

This is a concept short film in the second film of kiyomi kobayashi. It tells the story that in 1872, kiyomi kobayashi was refrigerated by the shogun. 
300 years later in Tokyo,She was resurrected and transformed into an artificial man, which became the secret weapon of the shogun to monitor the assassination mission.In the end, she can’t escape the tragic fate either…

Credits:Direction / Design / Animation: AXL LE (乐毅)Music / Sound Design:  Echoic Audio Special thanks to:Tom Gilbert非商业作品,转载请注明作者Non-commercial works, please indicate the authorSoftware:Cinema4D,Octane Render,,AfterEffects,Premiere,Marvelous Designer

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