Lois Lane reveals the secret of Superman


Is this the end of Clark Kent?
The epic new storyline “TRUTH” What will happen when the big secret is revealed?

Privacy Settings -W Magazine

rosie-huntington-whiteley-anna-ewers-doutzen-kroes-emily-irina-joan-smalls-lily-chrissy-bella-hadid-barbara-palvin-by-mert-alas-marcus-piggott-for-w-magazine-august-2015-7rosie-huntington-whiteley-anna-ewers-doutzen-kroes-emily-irina-joan-smalls-lily-chrissy-bella-hadid-barbara-palvin-by-mert-alas-marcus-piggott-for-w-magazine-august-2015-9 rosie-huntington-whiteley-anna-ewers-doutzen-kroes-emily-irina-joan-smalls-lily-chrissy-bella-hadid-barbara-palvin-by-mert-alas-marcus-piggott-for-w-magazine-august-2015-6 rosie-huntington-whiteley-anna-ewers-doutzen-kroes-emily-irina-joan-smalls-lily-chrissy-bella-hadid-barbara-palvin-by-mert-alas-marcus-piggott-for-w-magazine-august-2015-5 rosie-huntington-whiteley-anna-ewers-doutzen-kroes-emily-irina-joan-smalls-lily-chrissy-bella-hadid-barbara-palvin-by-mert-alas-marcus-piggott-for-w-magazine-august-2015-9 rosie-huntington-whiteley-anna-ewers-doutzen-kroes-emily-irina-joan-smalls-lily-chrissy-bella-hadid-barbara-palvin-by-mert-alas-marcus-piggott-for-w-magazine-august-2015 rosie-huntington-whiteley-anna-ewers-doutzen-kroes-emily-irina-joan-smalls-lily-chrissy-bella-hadid-barbara-palvin-by-mert-alas-marcus-piggott-for-w-magazine-august-2015-1 rosie-huntington-whiteley-anna-ewers-doutzen-kroes-emily-irina-joan-smalls-lily-chrissy-bella-hadid-barbara-palvin-by-mert-alas-marcus-piggott-for-w-magazine-august-2015-2

W’s August 2015 issue celebrating pop culture and social media. “The supermodels featured in ‘Privacy Settings’ know exactly how to engage their followers and keep them hooked,” says W’s Editor in Chief Stefano Tonchi in his editor’s letter.

Photographer: Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott

La Femme

LA FEMME from Tim Sharafeev on Vimeo.

Directed by Timur Sharafeev
Typography design Rif Safiullin
Starring Kate Aleksandrina
Make-up Anna Minaeva
Location mama-ro.com
Shot on RED with ARRI Ultra Primes
Music by La Femme

Fight Club for Kids (with Chuck Palahniuk)

Chuck Palahniuk reads an excerpt from a new children’s book version of ‘Fight Club,’ and tries his best to stay kid-friendly.

Written by Max Knoblauch and David Sidorov
Directed by David Sidorov
Animation by Alisa Stern
Filmed by Armand Valdes

Skinny Puppy – Worlock (Amnesia Rockfest 2015)

Front 242 // Belpop Documentary 2008

A special program about Front 242 broadcasted on Belgian TV.

The Amazing SpiderDad

SpiderDad was created by a little boys father, me, Mike Wilson. With a passion for film and all things action, I decided over 12 months ago to help make our son’s dream come true, by replicating his most favorite superhero, Spider-Man. Jayden is a massive fan of the famous web slinger, having watch hundreds of Animated TV shows, as well as the films. For me, it was about making this dream become a reality. But not as some guy in a costume, bought from Ebay or Amazon. But to look and move as real to the character as possible. As a person who works in TV, Film and Live Show business, its the small details that make a huge difference. It was this moment I thought of SpiderDad.

“The SpiderDad Film was inspired by my son Jayden who sadly lost his 18 month battle at Christmas to a Grade 4 Brain Stem Tumor called, Glyoblastoma Multi-Forme. Before he died, we began filming with the full intention of giving Jayden his very own Premiere at home, with drinks and popcorn. Just like at the cinema. I was very passionate about making this look and feel as real as possible for our little super hero. Even to the finest details of webbing effects, stunts, the Spiderman suit and generally providing a feel good energy about the film.

Sadly, the little fighter became very ill, and his very own Premiere wasn’t able to happen. It became a dedication project to the bravest, and most courageous little boy we know, always willing to give a smile and thumbs up at even the most difficult of times. In addition, we wanted this to also raise awareness and money for the charity who gave our family so much support whilst caring for Jayden, as well as the continued after care for our entire family and his big sister Ella.

We’ve been working closely with my YouTube partner, Rightster / Flow to help with the promotion and monetization of the video. 100% the money raised through Views and Ads will go direct to Naomi House. The concept of this fund raising Spiderman video is simple. Watch and Share to as many people as you can. The best part is, you don’t need to part with any money to donate. YouTube does the rest.”

As Wilson told the BBC, he originally envisioned the film to debut with a Hollywood-style premiere for the film at his home, with Jayden as the guest of honor. Each view of the short will equal a contribution towards a fundraising campaign established in Jayden’s memory, raising money for children’s hospice Naomi House & Jacksplace.