Zlatan Ibrahimovic se tatuó todo el cuerpo por una noble causa

Calligraphy on girls, Pokras Lampas´works








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evian Spider-Man: The Amazing Making-Of


 evian Spider-Man

 evian Spider-Man

 evian Spider-Man



Uno de los comerciales más creativos del 2014 fue el de SpiderMan con la famosa marca de agua Evian, aquí les dejamos el detrás de cámaras de este “Sorprendente Comercial”

“Tongue Tied” el cortometraje erótico por Miley Cyrus

Mile Cyrus

mille cyrus


Miley Cyrus participará en el  NYC Porn Film Festival con su propio corto erótico llamado Tongue Tied” dirijido por Quentin Jones

Korn – ‘Sabotage’ Featuring Slipknot live in London 2015

Members of Slipknot join Korn on stage in London, UK at Wembley Arena to cover Beastie Boys’ ‘Sabotage’ on the Prepare For Hell Tour.




What the Fuck is Fuckable

Heather Matarazzo

Seriously? What the fuck is fuckable?? I don’t know if I can answer that question for you, but I can share my own experience.

When I was 19 or so, I was standing in a Starbucks in West Hollywood with a director, talking about the upcoming film we were about to shoot. It had been a long road, but we had finally made it. Waiting for our coffee, I could see that he seemed a bit uneasy. I asked him if everything was ok. He said yes. I didn’t believe him, so I asked him again. He looked at me and said “Heather, I’m sorry, we have to give your role to another actor. The producers don’t want you.” I didn’t understand. I had been attached to this project for two years, and now two weeks before filming, I’m being let go. I asked him why. He looked me dead…

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